Last Updated: April 4, 2020

How to Find Evergreen Products

Reading time: 5 mins Lessons from the owner of a HUGE beer themed eCom store

What’s up, party-peoples!

This week’s interview is with Chris Blair, a top-selling digital marketer that owns one of the biggest Beer Themed Print On Demand sites on Facebook. He’s been full-time in the eCom gave since 2012. Enjoy!

Hello! What’s your claim to fame, how did you get started with digital marketing, and what led up to your big campaign?

My name is Chris Blair and I am the owner of one of the biggest beer themed print on demand sites on Facebook. 

My site is Last Beer Standing: 
My fan page:

I have had many big campaigns over the years. I started Ecom back when the entire online print on demand phenomena started with TeeSpring back in 2012 (although I did not get serious about Ecom until 2013).

Although over the years I have done millions of dollars in sales, the beginning was quite tough. This I do remember quite specifically! 

It was not until product launch #23 did I get my first sale, and of course even though some sales came in here and there it was not until product launch #48 did I finally make it.  

The big winning product was a tee shirt in the photography niche.  This one really took off and from what I hear it is still one of the biggest all time sellers on Teespring. 

What’s the story behind the single biggest campaign you’ve ever ran?

I have one idea that is truly evergreen.  

I have been running this same slogan/expression on hats, jackets, tee shirts, can coolers, beer mugs and much much more since 2016. This slogan is still my best seller so I will keep it quiet.

The cap version of this expression is still my best seller today. It has sold over 20,000 units.

There are two types of winning product ideas in Print On Demand.  There are seasonal ones and evergreen ones.

I do have a couple seasonal winners but I strive to get evergreen ones because you can ride them for years by taking the same idea and expression and putting it on various products.

One lesson learned is about “bad language” and advertising on Facebook, which is still my main traffic source. If your evergreen idea gets banned by Facebook, the revenue from that can drop off. 

I have one particular example I am willing to share. We have many products with the expression “Drink Up Bitches” on them. For a long time FB let us run ads for it but now it is impossible.  So the revenue from products with that expression is not good anymore. At least, for those products we have sales here and there from SEO.  

Of course, I have tried to advertise the same products on other channels, but unfortunately the ads get denied. The language police are winning the war.

How did this campaign affect your life, mindset, or outlook?

When I first started out, I was struggling like everyone does, but I had friends really doing well with Teeshirts so I was determined to make Teespring work. I just kept fighting and testing. I cannot say I felt discouraged because I am mentally strong guy and I knew it is possible.

I have been doing Ecom full time since 2013 and now have 2 Shopify sites. 

I am a grandpa of Ecom now, not a one hit wonder lol!

How did you find your winning product?

There are many methods for finding winning product ideas.  As amazing as it may seem, I have 7 hours of training on this subject alone in my mastermind. There are literally that many potential methods.

That said, the easiest one to teach in writing is the following.  This method is powerful and based on the premise of finding original ideas.

Step 1) Research your niche to find out what type of products and slogans have been selling. Do NOT be lazy on this part.  Most people who are, usually do not succeed.

Step 2) Open two windows in Google Chrome to Google Images

Step 3) Type in “Funny Tee Shirts in XYZ niche” that is NOT your own niche or “Tee Shirts in XYZ niche” that is NOT your own niche.  

We are deliberately searching for ideas in other niches that we can potentially tweak for our niche. This method is not easy, in fact, it will take you on average 10-30 minutes to come up with one good idea. HOWEVER, it will be one original idea that your niche has not seen or not seen a lot, so your chances of success increase rapidly. 

Step 4) Cross reference the other Google Images window to see if your idea is really unique or not.

For example, let’s say you come up with the idea, “I Love My Dog, You Not So Much”, well you want to confirm in Google images whether or not that is original (or not common). So then you would type into Google Images, “I Love My Dog, You Not So Much Tee Shirt”. If you find many tee shirts with this expression on it, you know it has been done a lot and to forget about it.

Step 5)  Once you have a good idea, decide which product you want to put it on. The cool part of POD these days is there are so many potential products we can sell and it is only increasing!

What does your testing, optimization, and scaling process look like?

For testing, I do not believe in the practice of throwing darts at a wall and seeing what sticks. I believe one to two well thought out unique-in-some-way product ideas a day is much better than 5-10 done over and over again idea a day. 

My methods of coming up with product ideas as you can see from the question above is about pushing you to come up with unique stuff.

One unique idea has more potential for success than 10 rehashed ideas.

There is a lot to FB ads and I personally do not believe it can be taught effectively via writing, it really does require video training.

Throughout your experience running campaigns, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

WINNERS reveal themselves!

Let me repeat that and emphasize it! WINNERS REVEAL THEMSELVES!

When you have a winning product idea, you will be getting sales, link clicks, Add to Carts and engagement on your post! 

If you have to ask if this product is a winner, it is not. There will be no doubt! 

So stop trying to force your average shit on the market! 

If your product is not working, do yourself a favor (and your wallet a favor), recognize it and move on to the next one!

Do you have any regrets related to your digital marketing career?

I regret that I did not take training and coaching sooner. It made a big difference for me!

If you could send a piece of digital marketing advice back in time to your earlier-self, what would you say?

When choosing a niche to pursue, don’t ask what is a profitable niche, rather ask yourself what are you passionate about, what are you into, what do you know? 

Often you can build an Ecom business (or a Digital business) around it.

What are some amazing tools you use on a day-to-day basis?

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, events, communities, or resources?

What advice do you have for new digital marketers who want to get started or are just starting out?

Build your belief by connecting with people who have done it and been successful but it is very very very easy to get discouraged and give up.

Where can we go to learn more about you?

I am a beer drinking American living in Japan for 20+ years and a Grandpa of Ecom.

If you want to join my course/mastermind, eCom Vantage, you can do so here: